Ofifce Interior Office interior services can provide a wide range of advantages to your business, however in order to gain these benefits, you'll need to make sure that you choose the right office fit out company. So how do you know which business is best suited to your needs?

Office Fit Out – Does Your Business Need One?

Before searching for a business to provide an office fit out and refurbishment service, it's important that you first discover if you business needs one or if your needs could be better served by relocation or managed office service.

Choosing An Office Fit Out Company – 3 Questions To Keep In Mind

When searching for a fit out company to provide your business with refurbishment and space planning services, it's important that you keep these three questions in mind.

1. How Experienced Is The Company?
Before choosing to work with any business, it is imperative that you measure their experience. After all, you need to make sure that the business has the experienced required to make the project a success. Additionally, it's also important to check that the business has experience specific to the project in question.

For example, when comparing different office interior businesses for a fit out project, you might want to look for businesses who either specialise in office fit outs or businesses that specialise in providing office interior services to businesses in your industry. However, it is important to remember not to ignore businesses with a diverse portfolio of previous clients, after all variety is a strength in its own right.

2. Are They Trustworthy?
When looking at a business' experience, it's important to look at their past work. Have they done anything similar to the office fit out project you have in mind for your office environment? Look at their list of previous clients and look for any names that you can recognise, for example did you know that we previously worked on a project for a state of the art call centre at Virgin Media, which their CEO commented β€œit's the best call centre I've even been to, the transformation is amazing."

Another key factor to consider when considering working with an office interiors business is to consider their phone manner. Whilst making your enquiries regarding their services, take note of how they respond to you. Are the warm and welcoming, keen to provide assistance and answer your questions, or are they cold and uninterested? After all, if they are not showing interest in your office fit out, perhaps your needs would be better suited with a business that is more enthusiastic regarding working in your industry.

3. Do They Have The Required Skill Set?
Once you have found a reliable business with the experience and motivation to get the job done, it's important to check that they can provide a complete comprehensive service. You need to make sure you take note of everything that is included in the project.

For example, does the business only provide a fit out service, will they also be able to provide furnishings or will you need to provide furnishings yourself. Additionally, with regards to maintenance, is any maintenance included in the fit out service, will it cost extra, or would you have to look to another business for your maintenance needs?

Why Should You Choose Active For Your Office Fit Out?

If you have decided that an office fit out is appropriate for your business, Active is a highly skilled business in the office interiors industry. Since forming in 1999, Active has flourished into one of the most trusted businesses within the sector. Our previous clients include businesses such as Virgin Media, Mercedes-Benz, and Channel 4. Additionally, we have continued to work with them across a range of refurbishment works.

So if you would like to refurbish your premises in order to boost productivity, improve employee wellbeing, integrate technology, or if you would simply like to rejuvenate your office environment, talk to the team of office interior experts at Active.

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