There are numerous different office design factors that can affect the productivity of an office environment such as office furniture and office layout. However, could the use of colours in your office affect office productivity and wellbeing?

Could The Colours In Your Office Impact Your Workplace's Productivity?

With regards to choosing the colours in your office environment, many people believe that different colours inspire different emotions and feeling within your staff.

For example, some would argue that the colour red is linked to feelings such as passion, assertiveness, and power. So, if you are trying to create a motivated and energetic working environment, you might consider using red in the workplace.

Indeed, it is known that office design can affect the happiness and wellbeing of your employees. Additionally, the wellbeing and happiness of your employees can affect their productivity, as such; it isn't too farfetched to suggest that the colour of your workplace could have an impact on the productivity of those working in the office environment.

Using Colour Correctly.

With the average person spending a considerable portion of their time indoors, it is very important that numerous aspects of the office interior design are considered. Whilst office furniture and office layout are indeed very important with regards to employee productivity and wellbeing, other factors such as workplace colour schemes should also be considered.

According to research regarding the psychology of colour. Colours can be responsible for both physical and psychological effects on people. This can trigger a range of moods and emotions. As such, if used correctly, colour can be a powerful office design tool to boost productivity, wellbeing, and create a workplace that inspires your employees.

What Colour To Choose?

There are numerous different colours that you could choose for your workplace. When considering a change in workplace design, it is important to choose a colour that fits you brand. Whilst it may be tempting to opt for fashionable colours, you should aim for an office colour scheme that both reflects your brand, and the values in your business' ethos.

For example, you could keep the majority of the office areas a neutral colour, with different colours representing different areas. For example, sales and marketing could be marked with red, with red office furniture and accessories; representing the high energy working environment often associated with sales rooms. However, for a meeting room perhaps you could include blue office furniture and accessories, as the colour is believed by many to be a thought-provoking colour.

How Can Active Assist Your Business?

With regards to workplace interior design and office colour schemes, active can provide assistance with numerous services. For example, if you would like to design a new office environment, please contact our team and enquire about our Design services. However, the Active team can also provide office fit out services for those who wish to refurbish their current office environment to better suit their business.

Additionally, if your business receives regular office maintenance from our Fix-It service, we could renovate your rooms, or provide them with a fresh lick of paint.

Office Design Services From The Active Team.

The talented and experienced team of office interior professionals at Active understand the importance and advantages of a professionally designed office environment. Indeed, the design of your workplace can have a significant impact on your employees; boosting wellbeing and affecting the productivity and efficiency of your business.

Before Active begins the design process, our team will work hard to understand what makes your business unique. Indeed, as every business is different; we will offer practical and durable solutions to make sure that the office space is designed to meet the unique needs of your business. Additionally, our workplace consultancy and office design service includes workstations occupancy studies, meeting room usage, as well as a range of other research.

Utilising the latest methods and technology, the Active team have both the ability and the knowledge required to transform and enhance workplaces. We have worked with businesses of a variety of different sizes; designing a working environment that meets their unique needs. Indeed, some of our previous clients include MBNL and Virgin Media!

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