Applying Biophilic design to your workplace

Recent research suggests that the incorporation of natural elements within the office can have a positive effect on common workplace issues such as wellbeing and productivity. With Biophilic design becoming increasingly popular as an office design solution, Active discuss exactly how it can be applied in the workplace.

Plants, Plants and more plants…

We don't just mean the odd spider plant here and there. Try to incorporate plants in different ways throughout the office. A living green wall is a popular choice in today's workplace. Not only does it tick all the biophilic design boxes but it is also aesthetically pleasing and is sure to make a statement. Aside from the living wall popular indoor plants include Bamboo, Gerberas, Chrysanthemum and Aloe Vera. All of these plants have air filtering qualities making your office a much healthier place to be.


A range of texture within the office can be used to give a natural, uncultivated feel. Combine rough with smooth and shiny with matt finishes across a range of different materials and surfaces. Different textured surfaces can include carpets, flooring, furnishings and even walls. The Human- Nature range by carpet and flooring specialists, Interface, is a perfect way of replicating nature through texture, taking inspiration from various natural elements such as slate and moss.

Natural Materials

Look to use natural materials throughout your workplace for example, wood, slate and stone. Choosing natural materials over man-made can help to soften the clinical look often given off by the modern office as well as having a calming effect on employees.


A wide range of shapes and patterns can be found in nature from the scales on a leaf to the curve of a pebble. This should be mirrored in the workplace, using a range of different natural elements for inspiration.


Natural,earthy colours such as greens, browns, beiges and soft greys can have both a calming and comforting effect when used in the office, decreasing stress levels and providing employees with an overall sense of wellbeing. Bright flashes of green can be incorporated not only in the walls but in the carpets,furniture and upholstery to promote creativity and innovation.

Natural Light

Including Natural light is a must for biophilic design. Install sky lights where possible to maximise light to your office. Not only will this enhance the wellbeing of your staff but it will also save you money on artificial lighting.

Bring the outdoors in…

When working in an office it is unlikely you will be able to spend much time outdoors. So why not bring the outdoors in by including outdoor furniture in the workplace –use picnic tables in your breakout area or for impromptu meetings. Not only does this serve as a piece of furniture on which colleagues can come together and collaborate but it also brings a breath of fresh air to the office. Take a look at the BuzziPicNic range from BuzziSpace designed by Alain Gilles for inspiration.

Need more advice on how to incorporate nature into YOUR workplace?

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