Office furniture doesn't go bad in the same way that milk or cheese goes bad, however there are a few tell tale signs that it might be time to replace your current furniture and upgrade to modern office furniture.

4 Signs You Should Replace Your Office Furniture

Not sure if you should replace your business' office furniture or stick with the items you current have? To give you some food for thought, here's a list of 4 signs it's time to upgrade.

The Furniture Is Damaged

Furniture doesn't last forever, sometimes repeated use can wear away at a chair or a table and one day it could just go 'pop' and break. If any items of furniture are broken, or if items are suffering damage due to years of use, don't despair because this is a great time to choose your furniture replacements.

If your furniture is damaged or broken, you have two options. Firstly you could replace the broken or damaged furniture with new equivalents. However, on the other hand you could instead choose to upgrade your office furniture with new more contemporary furniture, taking the opportunity to modernise your office environment.

Employee Morale Is Decreasing

Being stuck with the same old furniture year after year can get quite demoralising for your staff,especially if they're sat on budget furniture with poor ergonomics that don't provide them with the support they need.

One way that you could boost employee morale via office furniture is to utilise sit-stand desks. These desks provide your employees with the option to choose between a seating desk and a standing desk. This can improve the productivity of your business thanks to the person-centred approach to office design it provides. After all, focusing on the personal well being of your employees is essential to success in the 21st century workplace and boosting employee wellbeing and happiness is a great way to boost the productivity of your business.

Fashions Are Changing

Office furniture is a very important tool at your disposal for impressing new clients. Your choice of furniture says a lot about your business and your company ethos. If you want to be seen as a forward thinking business, including furniture integrated with the latest tech could be very advantageous. However, if you want to be seen as a traditional or family focused business, a selection of vintage furniture with a homely feel might be more appropriate.

As such, it's important that you keep in mind changing fashions and make sure that your office's image reflects the image of your business that you want to portray to clients or anyone else who may be visiting your premises, such as potential new hires.

Technological Upgrades Are Available

Keeping up with technology isn't limited to businesses who want to be seen as forward thinking and integrating technology into their furniture. With regards to furniture in the office and innovations in tech, you have to ensure that your furniture is still fit for purpose. For example, in decades past office desks were designed to support large and bulky computer monitors, however now in 2019 we have significantly smaller computer monitors and slender keyboards.

Who knows what the 2020s will hold for the future of tech, however one thing is known. Whatever technological advancements and upgrades become available,workplace fashion and furniture design will make changes in order to adapt with the new technological norms.

Office Furniture From Active Workplace Solutions

Our in house team of modern office furniture experts have fantastic working relationships with industry leading office furniture design manufactures. This enables us to provide our clients with stylish, ergonomic, and durable office furniture solutions,suitable for a wide range of different budgets.

We work with various major office furniture designers and suppliers within the United Kingdom, including but not limited to Verco,Allermuir, Orangebox, Boss Design, Mobili and Vitra. Additionally due to the experience our team has gained over the years, we can provide advice regarding choosing the office furniture that is right for your business. For example, oneof our previous office furniture projects was a state of the art call centrefor Virgin Media, which their CEO commented “it's the best call centre I've even been to, the transformation is amazing."

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