Interested in boosting the productivity of your workplace whilst also increasing employee wellbeing? Have you considered and refurnishing your workplace? After all, poor quality office furniture can have serious negative impacts on employee morale. Don't risk employees seeking employment elsewhere due to poor quality or out of date furnishings, get in touch with the Active Workplace Solutions team and improve your work environment with an office furnishings service.

5 Insights Into An Improved Work Environment

  • Green Workplaces. When redesigning your workplace and thinking about furnishing the space it is very important that you integrate natural elements in the office design. After all, an office plant isn't just a piece of decoration; it's a powerful tool for both office productivity & wellbeing. Did you know, “workers in offices that offered green or natural features had a 15% higher sense of wellbeing and were 6% more productive"? If you would like to learn more about the relation between office plants and productivity, this was discussed in more detail in our blog titled Biophilic office design: A growing trend.
  • Embracing Technology. When designing technology or designs, people often use the phrase modern. However, it's important to remember that the modernist period has been and gone, so it's important to think about the new technologies and new design solutions that are available in our 21st century.

One way that you can embrace technology in your workplace is to give your employees a say on what devices are used in the office. This can be very advantageous for flexible working environments such as hot desking, but it also has the benefit of your employee being able to work on a device that they are comfortable with. For example, if they have used Mac computers for the majority of their life, they might be more comfortable working on their own Mac computer.

Additionally, it's also important to consider things such as Wi-Fi, so that office productivity does not come to a grinding halt once they notice the internet has stopped working. However, it's also important to consider that as time moves on IOT enabled devices will become more and more common and a reliable Wi-Fi connection will become more and more important. Just think, if your office lighting is connected to the internet, what happens if your Wi-Fi is unreliable?

However, it's not just the big steps you need to consider. Often the little steps, the small personal accessories can have the biggest impacts with regards to embracing technology in your office. For example, you could allow your employees to use their own technology items to enhance their own productivity,such as noise cancelling headphones to give themselves room to think; this could be very useful in an open plan office environment in which lots of people are gathered and talking.

  • Relaxation Spaces. As an employer, one of your largest concerns regarding your staff should be their comfort. An example of how 'modern' office furniture could help improve the comfort of your employees is an ergonomic office chair. Sitting comfortably could prevent them from being distracted as they won't be wasting time during the day changing their seating position to find a comfortable position to sit in. Additionally, if your employees are spending numerous hours every day sat on uncomfortable chairs that do not properly support their backs; they could start suffering from back pain or neck problems as a result of poor quality seating.
Ideally, your choice of furniture should be as flexible and adjustable as the rest of the workplace, ideally having sufficient leg space and a back rest of 50 cm.
  • Look Forward By Looking Back. Modern' office furniture doesn't always have to look contemporary. After all,if you want to stand out from other businesses, using the same furniture styles as everyone else is only going to further make your business look like those.So don't be afraid to do something different. If you're fond of traditional furniture styles, incorporate those into your office design. For example, you could choose to decorate your office in an Art Deco style, using modernist streamlined styles, with desks and furniture made from exotic woods, and metals such as steel.
  • Boost Collaboration. Many businesses opt for open plan offices to promote collaboration; but this can have serious negative side effects, such as noise. With lots of people working in groups, it can get very loud very quickly. As such, a lot of the advantages of open plan office spaces can be lost through the plethora of distractions that the design creates.

However, there is a solution; office furniture could be the saviour of the open plan office. By choosing a special type of furniture known as acoustic furniture, you can provide sanctuary from the noisy open office environment, whilst also providing your employees with a comfortable collaborative environment in which to work. If you would like to learn more information about using acoustics in your workplace, you can read our blog titled, Considering Acoustics In The Open Plan Office.

Office Furniture, How Can Active Workplace Solutions Help Your Business?

We can provide a professional furnishing service to provide your place of work with high quality office furniture. By using our furnish service; you can enjoy stylish, ergonomic and durable office furniture solutions for your office space.

Through the use of our office furnishing service, we can provide beautiful, stylish, and practical office furniture for all areas of your workplace, including but not limited to:

  • Breakout area,
  • Office cafeteria,
  • Reception area,
  • Meeting room.

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