Whilst every single business out there would love to have a working environment that has been created for the needs of their employees,obtaining a bespoke office design may be seen by some as expensive and unaffordable.

As vastly experienced office designers, we can tell you now,that isn't true. Creating your perfect working environment does not need to involve you investing large amounts of money that you may struggle to justify –by making use of intelligent, expert workplace design techniques, you can establish an office that is geared towards the values of the company, as well as the requirements of your people.

As an example, we present an office fit out project we performed in 2018 for a company with a tight budget and a sustainability philosophy to adhere to. Read on to learn how we did it.

Creating Affordable, Sustainable Office Design

The Client – VitalSix

VitalSix offer a specialist service, supporting ambitious businesses that are looking to upsize their operations. The organisation has recently opened a new co-working space in the Thames Valley as part of Innovation Catalyst (a partnership between different businesses in the region that aims to drive innovation). Some of their clients include Barclays Eagle Labs, Thames Valley Science Park and Henley Business School.

They have a long history of working with the leaders and top teams of high-growth companies to effectively innovate, scale-up and secure investment. The team behind the company have started, grown and sold their own businesses, giving them a practical knowledge and insight into how their clients can get it right first time.

The Project Brief

VitalSix were seeking a complete overhaul of their existing space, including a full range of conveniences and a strategic layout – but within strict budgetary considerations. This brief required us to draw upon our experience and lateral thinking to be deeply economical in sourcing office furniture and materials.

Our 'Active Solution'

We were aware that a large media company in London's West End was in the process of relocating and much of the furniture it was leaving behind, could be repurposed (rather than it being sent to landfill). Having inspected the furniture (ensuring that it was in great condition and abided by the tastes of by VitalSix), we procured it and incorporated the majority of it into the project. This not only brought some financial return for our moving West End client, but it also helped VitalSix's budget to go further than it otherwise would have done if these pieces were bought from a showroom.

As for the office design, we employed a flexible approach to the fit out and furnishings, as well as created detailed space plans and 3D concepts of their 3,700 sq ft, 60+seat co-working space. The plans included benches (with above-desk connectivity), charging points for agile workers, a reception area and a range of breakout collaboration zones.

The co-working space needed to make flexible workers feel comfortable and inspired. Our solution was to perform a complete refurbishment and fit out that gave the spaces a technological, contemporary feel. The latter was achieved by exposing concrete pillars and walls, using a colour palette of mainly bricks, greys and whites.

Aside from the pre-owned office furniture we obtained from the West End, we included several other new and recycled pieces as per VitalSix's sustainability and Corporate& Social Reasonability (CSR) credentials. Such items included in this was a mix of picnic-style benches and stools, high-back acoustic meeting pods and various sofas and coffee tables.

To save on space, thinking about storage is always a great place to start. This is why we installed a large bank of lockers – giving each member of staff their own space in which to store items, saving room on their desks and in the floor space in general.

Thanks to our resourcefulness, knowledge and professionalism, we completed the project to the affordable and sustainable levels that VitalSix stipulated on their office design brief. Completed in just three weeks, this ensured that their new space was ready and fully-functional on time for their grand opening.

Overall, our project saved the client around £200,000 on the cost of purchasing new furniture and materials – a saving that would undoubtedly be better made use of elsewhere in the business.

It's taken time and extensive planning to create a practical space that fits what we're trying to do, looks great and aligns with the ethos of the wider Innovation Catalyst partnership.

Active has managed all of this and used its innovative approach to bring ideas to us that have helped with cost and sustainability."

- Susan Elliot, VitalSix.

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