With workplaces across the country makingplans to return to the physical office after a year away, much thought is beingplaced into how these environments can be made COVID-safe. The majoraspects are things like cleanliness and a possible continuation of socialdistancing; with space being a premium in many offices, a rethink is needed foreverything to operate safely.

It's only by using intelligent office refurbishment that a business can get the most from their current space –creating a safe and functional environment for everyone to work in. Here, we'regoing to take a look at the advantages that can be gained by refurbishingoffice spaces; both short and long-term benefits for employees.

Office Refurbishment in a Post-COVID workplace

Refurbishing offers a better balance between home andoffice working.

There isn't any doubt that COVID haschanged how we work – but it's also worth considering the ways in which it willchange how we will view the workplace in the future. Despite most of us workingremotely for the last 12 months, growing used to it, it isn't likely that we'lljust dump the idea of working in an external office altogether, in favour ofthe home.

The benefits of an employee choosing toreturn to the physical office, include:

  • Better technologicalconnectivity.
  • Inclusion amongst colleagues.
  • A clear separation of home andworking life.

It's the structure of a working day and thecommunity of an office, in particular, that many home workers have missed outon. True, working from home can help with some aspects (such as providingheightened comfort and an ability to tend to domestic issues), so a balancebetween the two should be sought.

This is why an office refurbishmentin 2021 should look to combine the best of both worlds – the comforts andconvenience of the home, with the optimal connectivity and community providedby a centralised office facility.

Advances Current Technological Connectivity.

The result of the workforce shifting toremote working will be a new-found appreciation for high-quality technology.Many of us will have been let down by something techy at some point in the lastyear; whether it's internet connection issues, out-of-sync webcams orunresponsive programs; tech hiccups not only cause frustration, but they willlead to major productivity sips too.

With these experiences in mind, theworkplace we return to should incorporate high-quality tech that will cater forreliable communication channels, enabling everyone to work as easily aspossible. Improving audio-visual equipment and having high-speed internet willnegate any productivity issues and undoubtedly, the stresses that come withthem too.

Places a focus on wellbeing at work.

With uncertainty and anxiety being majorfeatures of the Coronavirus pandemic, it's no surprise that mental health hasemerged as an issue that workers and employers must safeguard. This is why it'svital that any office must promote a sense of emotional wellbeing within theirwalls – and a refurbishment will help with that.

An office refurbishment canintroduce new areas in which a person can detach themselves, away from thestressful working environment. Facilities such as quiet areas, social spaces,even things like cafes and gyms were being introduced before COVID – soexpect them to become a fixture in most workplaces in the next few years.

Cultivates a community.

As we've spent over a year away fromcolleagues, many of us have missed those simple human connections – justphysically being in the same space helps more than any Zoom call can. This'sense of community' is often a forgotten part of office design, but it has amajor impact on productivity, motivation and wellbeing too. Therefore, the'workplace community' should be at the centre of any post-COVID workplacerefurbishment.

When firms start to move back into theoffice, it's likely that most will be thinking about introducing features thatfoster a better sense of togetherness in the workplace. Things like open planfloors and breakout areas (which promote collaboration and sociality) willbecome standard.

Be Active – Create Your Ideal Post-COVID Office Design With Us

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