The 4 tell-tale signs it's time to move office

For many, the thought of relocating office can be an extremely daunting one, with the decision to do so requiring a great deal of thought and consideration. Not only will you need to choose the right premises to move to, but you will also need to allocate time and resources to manage the relocation itself.

Whilst remaining in your current space may seem like the easy option there will, at some stage, come a time when your current office just isn't working for you anymore and staying put could potentially have a negative impact on the growth of your company.

As with most big changes, there is never a right time to relocate. However, there are several prompts to look out for. Here are 4 tell-tale signs that it is time to go…

1) Your lease is about to expire

For many companies the expiry of their lease can be the first prompt to start thinking about moving. Is your lease due to expire in the next 12 months? Now is a great time to assess the suitability of your current office and whether you should stay put or relocate. It is important for companies to consider this sooner rather than later as choosing the right office to move to and moving in can take some time. Now is the time to find out whether you getting the best possible deal out of your current landlord? Could you be getting a better rate or more for your money elsewhere?

2) You're running out of space

Filing cabinets full to the brim? Staff packed in like sardines? Never enough meeting rooms… Sound familiar?

A space that you once couldn't of imagined filling will soon reach capacity as your business continues to grow. With the recruitment of extra staff, new equipment, and more paperwork to file away you could soon find your office bursting at the seams. By conducting space utilisation and desk occupancy studies you can find out exactly how much space your employees need to operate effectively and if your current office space doesn't have this, then it's a sure sign that it's time to move into a bigger space. You might also find that you are unable to designate specific areas or zones to specific teams due to the lack of space.

It might not just be inside the office that is lacking in space. Are your employees struggling to park? Have you got enough parking to accommodate all the new additions as well as visiting clients?

3) Your location isn't working for you anymore

Lack of space is not the only reason to consider an office relocation. It is vital that the location of your office is not only convenient to your employees but also convenient for your current and prospective customers. If you are in the middle of nowhere and your staff and clients are struggling to reach you then it might be time to think about a new location. If you cannot afford something central, consider a location a bit further out but with good transport links such as a train station and a regular bus service. If you are planning to go on a recruitment drive, your office needs to be easily accessible to future employees as whilst your current employees might put up with it, long commutes could put off potential recruits.

The kind of location you go for will depend on the demographic of the employees you want to attract. For example, if you are trying to attract millennials or generation Z you will want to consider somewhere that has a buzz about it with easy access to cafes, restaurants and trendy bars.

4) It's time for a fresh start

Moving office can be a great time for a refresh. Not only can you put your own stamp on your new office but you can give your company culture a shake-up. Often a rebrand or new look goes hand in hand with searching for a new working environment. Change can be refreshing, giving your employees that much needed boost, helping them to spark new ideas and work more productively. Being in the same environment day in day out for years and years can be quite bleak, giving your employees a new office can be just what they need to wake them up and get the best out of them.

Now you've established its time to move, there are several things you must consider. Where are you going to move to? What is your budget and what do you want from your new building? For advice on choosing your new premises take a look at our guide to choosing the perfect office space. Active can take away the stress of sourcing a new premise through our managed office solution, we can even move you in and take care any refurbishment, furniture and maintenance requirements you might have.

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