Six Steps To The Perfect Business Relocation Letter

In all of the fuss and confusion of organising a corporate relocation, it is easy to forget one of the simplest and most important tasks – letting your customers know.

It isn't just the need to inform clients of a move that is essential either, because the way in which you do it can have a massive impact. In the past, it was traditional to write a standardised notification of intent to relocate, which would be sent by mail to all customers. This was an expensive endeavour, and there was no real way to tell what proportion of recipients actually did read the letter.

These days, things are much easier. A business relocation letter can be posted, in a conspicuous place, on a company website. It can be emailed directly to all clients. It takes a matter of minutes to update online databases and directories, with new address details. In some instances, it can still be a good idea to mail a business relocation letter to clients, but it is no longer a necessity. This means that you can spend more time focusing on how to create a notice that is as informative and reassuring, as it is positive and enthusiastic.

If you want a business relocation letter that represents the dynamism and promise of your upcoming move, there are six steps that you must follow. Your letter needs to notify, inform, reassure, encourage and support – in equal measure. In other words, it is absolutely vital that customers do not feel disadvantaged by the move, or at least, that they feel as disadvantages as possible. Plus, you have to think about your vendors too – it is essential that they are informed of the move, or you will not receive the equipment that you need to keep working.

Step One

Make a comprehensive list of everybody that will be affected by your relocation. This should include customers, vendors, banking institutions, distribution services, utility companies, credit card companies, advertisers and any local agencies involved with corporate taxation. It is good idea to draw up this list, and start thinking about your business relocation letter, around six weeks before the move itself is due to take place. This should give you plenty of time to make sure that it reaches everybody who matters.

Step Two

It is okay to start with a standardised template, but you do need to ever so slightly tailor your letters according to each group of contacts. For example, the letter that you send to vendors should contain specific details relating to scheduled delivery dates and new drop off points. The letter that you send out to customers should have a friendly tone, be relatively short and punchy, and emphasise the fact that disruptions will be kept to a minimum. In fact, include as much information as possible, which specifically relates to what customers can do to avoid problems.

Step Three

Make sure to include all pertinent information about your relocation. This includes your old address, your new address, your new contact details and the date of the physical move. If possible, provide details about where clients should direct their queries on this day. In the instance that your company will have to temporarily shut to the public, make it explicit when this will be and when you will be available again. It helps to set up a temporary phone line to address queries, if yours is going to be out of use. In some cases, it can be a good idea to provide a simple map of the new location.

Step Four

Post this business relocation letter on your website, in a clearly visible place. If you run a company newsletter, publish it in there too. For companies that sell products and services on the internet, this is an essential step. It is easy, cheap and takes only minutes to do – but it will inform the vast majority of your clients about the move within days. As aforementioned, you might still want to mail a copy of the letter to all customers. If possible, encourage online feedback, as it will help to give you a good idea of how many people know about the move and how they feel about it.

Step Five

In some cases, it is necessary to seek the services of a business relocation consultant. A reliable, professional company like Active will help you to deal with all aspects of a corporate move. We specialise in making sure that businesses always end up in the right places, and that they are immediately followed by everything that they need to continue operating. With our help, moving day doesn't have to be a stressful time – especially if it means more business and more opportunities for your company. We will, of course, be happy to help you draw up the perfect business relocation letter.

Step Six

It is recommended that a company sends out their business relocation letter no less than three weeks before the day of the physical move. This will give everybody ample time to make adjustments and prepare for minor disruptions, if necessary. In these circumstances, forewarned definitely is forearmed. You do want to make sure that as many clients as possible have been notified of the upcoming relocation, and what it will mean for their service.

For more help and advice on relocating your business, or for information on how Active can help your corporate move go as smoothly as possible – click here, or call one of our friendly advisors direct today on +44 (0) 845 130 9066. We are dedicated to getting you exactly where you want to be.