Re-imagine Your Office – 5 ways to maximise your office space

Office full to bursting? Lease due to expire? Large empty meeting rooms? Not enough space?

Believe the answer is to move to larger premises with all the associated costs? Think again…

Here are 5 simple yet cost effective ways of maximising your current office space…

RE-ENGINEER – If you currently have Corner Core Workstations; in many cases you can utilise existing under-structure to support new rectangular desk tops, which is more economical than procuring new desking. Also, as these types of desks are dimensionally smaller it allows more space for additional workstations or meeting/collaboration areas to meet the future needs of your business.

RE-ALLOCATION – Many offices have large meeting rooms that are empty 90% of the time or, when they are used, there are only a few people using them. By simply adding a wall, two rooms can be created that offer a more usable space to your staff. For example, a meeting room for 12 people could form one space for six to eight people and a smaller room for small one, to ones.

RE-DESIGNATION – Tradition states that we allocate desks to all members of staff regardless of how often they actually sit on them. By studying and analysing occupancy we can design offices accordingly. This enables permanent and essential task orientated staff to have desks and transient or nomadic staff to share; thus maximising space. Provision of lockers and hot boxes cover their personal requirements whilst in the office environment.

RE-CONFIGURATION – Very often a simple office redesign is what is needed to maximise space and modernise your workplace. New furniture, new ideas and new ways of working can help you remain in your office without the need to look for a larger space when it comes to lease renewal time.

RE-FURBISHMENT – The modern contemporary office should no longer have areas that remain empty or unused for large periods of time, due to their designation. A prime example is a staff kitchen or canteen that is busy only during breaks and lunches. A new design utilising the latest types of “connective" furniture creates collaborative/break out spaces that can be used for all types of tasks, all through the working day.

For further information and guidance on how to re-imagine your office please get in contact with Mark Conway, Head of Workplace Environments.

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