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It goes without saying that a work environment that is happy, is one that creates a better sense of community; a sense that everyone is as important as the other links in this chain that is holding the business up and making it a success.

A massive factor in maintaining happiness at work is the quality of the office design. Many businesses simply don't have the budgets to find the perfectly-sized office that comes complete with all mod cons and the perfect natural environment. They have to work at it. This is why a brand-new office design will make a world of difference to the outlook and feel of any company, no matter their location.

If you're considering an Office refurbishment in Slough, you've come to the right place here at Active.

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Here at Active, we are an office design company that has been operating within the industry for 20 years, providing all manner of business operations with their perfect, bespoke, branded interiors. Helping to raise productivity, happiness as well as setting a striking, attractive look to employees and clients alike, our office refurbishment in Slough service is unrivalled.

So with that – read on for our advice on raising the happiness and productivity levels in the workplace!

New Office Design: Helping To Raise Productivity Levels In The Workplace

Here are the different aspects of an office that can be improved with office refurbishment in Slough, in order to increase happiness and productivity levels.

  • The Workspaces. An obvious area to improve is, of course, the areas in which employees need to work in. Employees will feel detached and as a result, be less productive if they feel that they have little influence or a voice in regards to the work they produce or the business that they work for. By making their existence comfortable and giving them easy access to the tools they need to complete their work, can an employee feel truly happy and valued as they go about their work.
  • The Culture of The Office. On a similar theme, the environment offered by the aesthetics of the workplace can play a huge role in providing the backdrop to the collaborative 'culture' of the office. Great office design and business culture are interlinked – an office design that works is one that considers how a business works and what tools and type of environment people need to effectively carry out their work. This is why effectively planning an office environment to incorporate comfort, practicality, attractiveness, as well as maximising the space available, is so important for the happiness and productivity of employees.
  • The Acoustics. The sound levels produced inside (and outside) of an office is vital to the productivity produced. Whilst they're in work, employees need to concentrate and not be disturbed or discouraged from what they're doing. Of course, just working in complete silence (for many) isn't conducive to creating the collaborative culture mentioned above either, so finding the right balance is key. Using sound masking techniques, like soundproofing, to muffle the sounds coming in from the outside or to shield certain rooms from noise created in other parts of the building is a must.
  • The Lighting. Much like the noise having an impact on the office interiors, so does the lighting. An office design that is poorly lit will affect the concentration of employees who just want to focus on their work. With an office refurbishment in Slough many businesses have done away with manufactured lighting, which causes the same level of light to be produced day-in-day-out and instead turn to natural light. By using large windows to let in light from the outside, employees will find themselves in a natural environment that won't provide a distraction, as often caused by imitation, indoor lighting.
  • The Health and Wellbeing of Employees. Any modern, forward-thinking business is aware of the health and wellbeing benefits that a great-functioning office environment can have on its employees. Using natural light, as mentioned above, offers those present an environment that will benefit their productivity and thus, their wellbeing. Other health benefits that can be rolled out by undertaking an office refurbishment in Slough include:
  • The introduction of a modern HVAC system that can produce great air quality (especially cold air for those muggy days during the summer and hot air for freezing days during the winter).
  • 'Green spaces', including the usage of living plants and scents.
  • Access to break areas that are designed for an employee to relax and contemplate in an environment away from their sometimes-stressful working areas.

Although some businesses may benefit from their location – whether they're located next to a bright, natural environment such as a park or in an area that offers break facilities for employees to visit – others may not profit from such a location. This makes it vital that those offices implement facilities and a policy for employees to be able to take breaks, relax and think about their work. Feeling better afterwards, this will undoubtedly play into their ongoing productivity – as well as the quality of work produced.

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