How to choose the perfect ergonomic office chair

With office workers spending over 35 hours a week sat at their desks, it is more crucial than ever to ensure you have the correct office chair. But what defines a good office chair? And why is it so important? Active discuss…

In the last year there has been an abundance of research into the detrimental effects of “sitting" on our health. Scientists have even gone so far as branding “sitting" as the new “smoking", suggesting that sitting for long periods of time could increase our risk of developing conditions including, Diabetes, heart disease, muscular and back issues. Furniture designers have responded to the issue with the promotion of the ergonomic “sit-stand desk", encouraging workers to spend more of their day stood up. For more on the effects of sitting read our blog entry “Sit on this".

However, there are times when sitting at work is unavoidable. For these times the perfect office chair is required. Finding the right office chair for your body is vital for both your health and work productivity, so what makes up the perfect office chair?

Adjustable seat height and width:

The height of your office chair should be fully adjustable allowing you to position it so that your feet lay flat on the ground. (There should be a space between front of the seat and the back of your knees.)

Lumbar support:

You should have an adjustable back that curves to the shape of your lower back. This is to prevent you from slouching and improves your posture.

Adjustable arm rests to allow you to rest your elbows:

your forearm should not be resting here whilst typing.

Seat material:

Soft cushioned seat material to support your weight evenly.


Your office chair should easily rotate so that you are able to move around to reach things easily without straining.

These features are designed to reduce back pain and support your body by encouraging good posture. Here are two great examples of ergonomic office chair suppliers that we would recommend!

Introducing the…


Wagner Dondola 360° Mechanism:

The three-dimensional Dondola-Seat-mechanism decouples the rigid connection between the base and the seat and therefore induces small movements, which relieve the strain on the spinal cord and strengthen it. Medical studies in 2006 and 2013 have confirmed the health benefits of using a chair with this mechanism.



The Balanced Movement Mechanism™ is unique to HÅG chairs! The front edge of the seat tilts upwards when you lean backwards and down when you lean forwards. This stimulates ankle movement, in turn activating the circulation mechanisms of your lower legs (“the peripheral heart"), enhancing circulation throughout the body. The result is greater energy and improved efficiency at work.

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