Fire Door Maintenance

A Fire Door's job is to prevent a fire from spreading, so it's important you enroll a Fire Door Maintenance scheme into your business.

The purpose of any inspection on a door set is to identify issues that may prevent a door set from being fire resistance, such as damage to the structure. Prior to any maintenance activity being undertaken, the responsible person must identify which door sets are required to be fire resistant.

The aim of any repair work undertaken is to restore the performance of the door set to the performance that it would have had prior to the damage.

Smoke Control Door sets

Although fire and smoke are closely linked as products of combustion, the performance requirements they place on a fire door are distinctively different. Smoke control and fire resistance are often confused because smoke seals are often combined with the 'intumescent strips' required for fire resident performance.
When a fire has developed and begins to attack the door set, the smoke seals are likely to be consumed by the fire quickly. Smoke control is a measure of smoke leakage through a door set under ambient temperature conditions. Smoke control performance of door sets is therefore required in order to contain smoke that has been generated by a fire elsewhere in the building or during the early phases of fire development within a compartment.

Non-Fire Resistant Door sets

It is possible that during a maintenance programme doors may be identified that are likely to have been installed as fire resisting door sets. If a door has only 2 hinges and no intumescent seals, that's a good sign that it's a non-fire resistant door.

Did You Know?

– There is a legal requirement for those responsible for building to ensure that all fire doors continue to prevent the spread of fire throughout their working lives

– If you're a owner, landlord or occupier of a business or other non-domestic premises, you'll be responsible for fire safety

– A Pro-Active maintenance programme is a cost effective approach to Fire Safety and will increase life safety and property protection

If you haven't yet enrolled a Fire Door Maintenance scheme into your business, contact us today on 0845 130 9066.

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