If the Coronavirus pandemic has you thinking about downsizing your workplace (or blending elements of remote working within its design), it could be the case that you may require an office relocation.

You may also have concluded that your current space is too restrictive (in terms of size or location) or it simply costs too much to rent and/or run – if so, a relocation should be a priority.

After such a tough year, all businesses should be looking towards the future with a fresh perspective – in a strange way, the downtime caused by the pandemic could offer a chance for your business to create a stronger platform. It all starts with the design, layout and location of your office.

Why Your Business Should Consider An Office Relocation

Moving an entire business isn't easy – the process, especially when not planned to the letter (and every eventuality catered for), has the potential to be extremely complicated and stressful. This will disrupt the business – one of the main reasons why many firms choose not to move. However, all this is doing is restricting its potential – and the potential of the people who work for it and the products they create.

With that in mind, let's take a look at whyan office relocation may be beneficial to your business:

1. Better Location and Value. The location of your office could be important dependant on yourindustry or types of people you wish to attract. For example, it could be awise investment to pay slightly more for a town/city centre office to takeadvantage of a young workforce or a close-knit business community. Conversely,cheaper rents can be sought in out-of-town locations where hosting clients orattracting new talents isn't part of the businesses' purview.

The point is that you should make sure that your business is in the most ideallocation it can be – how much does it cost in comparison to how much you bringin? Would moving help to increase the profits you make or the influence youhave? If the answer is yes, then moving should be an easy decision to make.

2. Improved Operations. Another great reason to consider an office relocation isthe opportunity to review the company's culture and how it impacts the businesson a daily basis – the very workings of your day-to-day operation. What do youremployees do at their current office that helps to bring value to the company?Can this be improved? What facilities can be introduced/improved to increasethe quality of work?

3. Better-Defined Size. Too many firms exist in offices that are either toosmall or too big – they're effectively paying for space that restricts theiroperations, perhaps even holding them back. Finding the right-sized office foryour needs could potentially save you thousands of pounds a year, whilst stillmaintaining (and probably improving) the productivity rate. The prospectof a relocation should be seen as an opportunity to understand how yourworkspace(s) are used and how they can be tweaked to suit your needs – ratherthan you, having to fit how you work around the office's limitations.

4. Create A Brand Identity. The best way to create a positive atmosphere around the workplace(while simultaneously impressing any visitors), is by introducing an identityfor people to connect with. The right feeling around an officecan create a culture, a community if you will – something for people to feel apart of, to run with and help to improve. This will naturally be reflected inthe products the business produces, attracting more clients, boosting itsreputation and helping it to grow. And it can be achieved by using something assimple as the right colours, furniture and plants.

5. Prepare For The Future, Now. Last but not least, if the last year has taught us anything, it'sthat we should be prepared for anything. By moving to an office thatlends itself better to the operations of the business, its employees andclients, it will stand the best chance of meeting whatever the future maybring. One of these has been the advent of home/office working – already agrowing trend, the pandemic has heightened its rollout, changing the wayworkplaces are designed. A relocation into a more flexible workspace will helpthe business to meet any and all challenges it may face.

Those were five great reasons why yourbusiness should consider an office relocation this year, so if you wouldlike to learn more, why not get in touch with the expert team here at Active?With many years of experience in the office build and fit out industry, we haveundertaken many relocations, gaining a unique understanding of what comprises asuccessful workplace in the process.

To see our work for yourself, why not takea look at our case studiespage? Here we outline some of our mostrecent projects, showcasing the types of specialist work we are able to carryout.

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