This month, Active's Marketing Coordinator, Jennie Armley, had the opportunity to take a sneak peek into leading media agency, Havas Group's, HKX building at St Pancras Square, London. Following a range of office relocation and clearance work conducted by Active, HKX is now home to over 1500 members of staff across floors 1 – 9 and is a contemporary and inspiring place to do business.

Havas Group

The 'Move' Contract

After winning the office relocation contract in January, Active began the process by working closely with both the client and the dedicated project manager to ensure each and every move was planned meticulously, ready to start the first of the five phases.

It was important for the Havas Group that the relocation service was conducted outside of working hours. This was to ensure minimum downtime and disruption to business. This meant that the majority of moves were carried out over weekends, meaning all staff were up and running for first thing Monday morning!

Havas Group

The Office Relocation Process

The relocation process began with the production of colour coded labels. After Active's Administration team identified the go to location of all IT equipment, they were distributed along with the crates to various sites ready for packing.

Day One

The first day of the relocation typically includes the decommissioning of all desktop IT equipment by supervised IT engineers. It also typically includes the careful packing of items by Active's experienced porters. The porters then load all equipment and crates onto awaiting 17t vehicles ready to be transported. These would be taken to the basement at HKX where another team of Active porters would be ready to distribute the items to designated floor.

Havas Group

Day Two

The second day of the move would then involve the unpacking of crates, re-commissioning of all IT equipment; ready for testing. Next would be the clearing of empty crates back to the HKX basement where they would later be collected.

Day Three

The third day offers post move support in the form of a supervisor from the weekend's relocation along with porters to assist the removal of emptied crates.

After The Relocation

Once the relocation was complete, Active was put in charge of the clearing some of the vacated buildings. In order to do this, we used our large network of furniture dealers to reuse any redundant furniture of value. This in turn helped to reduce the final cost of the clearance for the client.

In total 55 tons of waste was recycled as a result of the clearances with over 3000 crates and 1400 members of staff moved and settled in to their new premises!

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