Joining Active Workplace Solutions back in 2017, Emily is one of the many successful apprentices who has completed their scheme here at Active. Two years later, Emily is still progressing within the business.In this blog, we hear from her to find out a bit more about her journey.

What is your background?

I finished sixth form college and started an apprenticeship in a law firm, but I realised it wasn't for me and I wanted to continue with the apprenticeship route elsewhere. I was lucky enough to find a role at Active and managed to carry on with the same scheme I was previously on. The role is to do with business administration, and I completed it after one year back in early 2018. During my apprenticeship I would spend some of my time during the week gaining qualifications at Basingstoke ITEC (a training provider) and then the rest of the time I would be learning on the job. I've just completed my first year as a full-time employee here, and it's gone so quickly! The scheme has provided me with the knowledge and skills needed to help me with my progression.

What is your current role at Active Workplace Solutions and what does it entail ?

When I first started, I worked on the helpdesk service. This is one of our managed services offerings where, if needed, we support our clients with various maintenance issues. For example, we can manage and schedule maintenance jobs by calling our third-party contractors and engineers to solve any issues that arise, so if something goes wrong, the helpdesk can be contacted. I am still involved with the helpdesk but not as much as I was in the past.

I've now moved on to self-support, which involves facilitating quotes, ordering furniture, and assisting the move teams with anything they need.

Who do you work closely with?

Danny, Mark, Glenn and the rest of the sales team. I also work closely with Lynda and Angela, one of our directors.

What has interested you so far, about the sector?

As I came straight from college, I had no real idea about the industry - so I'm lucky I sort of fell into it. I had no idea about the importance of impactful design especially in a workplace and all the procedures and regulations that are part of the design process. There are so many small details that need to be thought out that unless you're an expert, can be missed. I've found it really interesting to see first-hand the transformations that we have made and how they've made an actual difference to somany people.

Whodo you most admire?

Our director, Angela Love. She's taught me so much in the time that I've been here and I am so glad to be able to work alongside her.

How would you improve the industry?

I'd work on developing the FM helpdesk model. Making it even easier and efficient. Maybe even using technology or apps.

What could you not live without in the office?

People! There's always so much hustle and bustle going on at Active HQ.Everyone being around the officealways means there's a great atmosphere! It's also super useful to just grab others for a quick chat if you need to find something out. When there aren't many people in the office, this of course makes it harder to get a hold of who you need to talk to and… it can get a little dull. So, for me, having people around in the office who I work closely with is a necessity. With that being said, we do have a few areas in our workspace that are dedicated to being quiet – whether you need a private meeting, phone call or just need somewhere to concentrate for a while.